Adriatic sea map of 10th century with frame made of old boat


This Adriatic sea map shows an ancient Roman view of one of the nicest places on Earth. If you have ever been to the Adriatic Sea, especially to the islands of Croatia, you know this is true. Sailing around the islands or taking a dip in the Adriatic Sea is a great experience. It has been like that for millenniums. The area is one of the best-documented place having ancient Greeks and Romans wandering around, writing about it, drawing paintings and sketching maps. This map is a representation of the view from 10th century when the Romans were ruling Pannonia, Illyria and Dalmatia.

Key features:

  • Map showing ancient Pannonia, Illyria, regions of Adriatic Sea and Dalmatia as of 10th century AD
  • Size 70 cm x 53 cm (27″ x 20″)
  • Colourful and visually attractive
  • Map text is in Latin
  • High resolution to capture detail and shading
  • Durable and resistant cotton canvas with hand crafted finishes
  • Authentic sturdy frame made of a repurposed old boat from the Adriatic Sea
  • Suited to add charm and a point of central interest to a reading room, wine cellar,  or simply for those who have a connection to this area


About the author of the Adriatic sea map

Even though the Adriatic sea map is showing the region as of 10th century AD, it was actually created it in the 16th century.
Flemish cartograph Abraham Ortelius was the person behind the work. He drew inspiration from ancient Roman and some renaissance cartographers. Ortelius was a map engraver at the beginning, then became a businessman and crossed his paths with the famous Gerard Mercator. Mercator seemed to have a great influence on the Ortelius. As a result of that, Ortelius took a turn in his career and become a professional geographer.
The map was published around 1590 in Antwerp. Its title is “Pannoniae et Illyrici Veteris Tabula”. In English, this translates to “Pannonia and Illyria old map”.
It has a lot of inscriptions all in Latin. Here are some inscriptions you’ll find on the map:
Lower centre – “Cum Gratia et Privilegio decennali 1590.”, meaning “With grace, and a privilege for ten years, 1590”.
Lower left – “Loca incertae positionis”. In English, this translates to “Places with uncertain location”. It seems like there was a long list of places they knew about but did not know exactly where to put them on the map.

Frame made of an old boat from Adriatic sea

Originally, the Adriatic sea map was hand coloured and the replica that you can buy here gives this same handmade,  antique, and nautical feeling. The map is ready-made and is waiting to be sent out directly you to hang on your wall. The map itself is printed using modern technology. However, that is just the start. After printing, we add the final touches to the map. We fray the edges and attach the frame by hand. To add to the authenticity and old-world charm, the frame is made of an old boat that has been driving around the same area that the map is showing.
This is a unique and content-rich map that looks amazing. If you have any connection to the Adriatic area, you’ll love the map.

It can hang on your wall in a few days

The map is ready and we can send it to you straight away. It takes up to 6 business days for the map to arrive and to be ready to hang on the wall. Hit that add to cart button or send us an email if you have some questions. Don’t forget, we can also customise the map for you so that it will fit your wall perfectly. The email is