Africa old map on canvas – Africae Tabula Nova


We are proud to offer this stunning Africa old map on canvas – Africae Tabula Nova, one of the first widely distributed, modernised maps of Africa from the 16th century. This beautiful piece of history is a must-have for anyone who likes cartography and Africa-related history. The map is significant for several reasons, including its depiction of Central Africa and its rivers, and its inclusion in the first modern atlas. This stunning map will make a fantastic addition to your home or office decor and is sure to be a conversation starter.

Main features:

  • size of this map is 153 cm x 110 cm (60″ x 43″)
  • cornerstone map for representation of Africa
  • published in the French edition of atlas Theatrum Orbis Terrarum in 1580
  • amazing illustrations
  • hand-carved frame from chestnut wood
  • plaque that reads AFRICA 1580

Map originally named Africae Tabula Nova

The author of the map originally named it Africae Tabula Nova, which in English means New Map of Africa. Africa is relatively close to Europe, so by the 16th century, the explorers of the time have researched the coast of Africa very well. The new knowledge that came with this map is what the explorers found in expeditions to Abyssinia, the Congo River, West Africa, and the Zambezi. These expeditions produced information about some of the inside of Africa that was added to the map.

The map was first published in the atlas Theatrum Orbis Terrarum in 1570. However, this print is from the 1580 French edition of the atlas. Other features of the map are the amazing illustrations: two narwhals or swordfish in the top left corner, a sea monster in the bottom left corner, and the cartouche surrounded by two female figures. This was the first time that you could see the Zambezi and Congo rivers on a map. All the rivers on the continent are joined.

Beautiful coloured map of the African continent

The size of this map is 153 cm x 110 cm (60″ x 43″), making it a substantial size to feature as part of your home or office decor. We print the map on high-quality, durable and resistant canvas and have a handmade antique finish. It comes with a stunning wooden frame that is made of chestnut wood with chocolate brown colouring. The frame is hand-carved with finials and features a rusty iron plaque that reads AFRICA 1580. This beautiful piece will last for generations.

Africa old map on your wall

Don’t miss out on this incredible piece of history – add the Africa old map to your cart today and have it on your wall within a matter of weeks!

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