Colourful world map full of land and sea creatures from 1565


Do you love ancient stories of early explorers and pirates that would set sail into the unknown, risking their lives for an opportunity to make history? If so, then you’ll probably find this colourful world map very interesting. This world map is a beautiful handmade antique that will take you back in time to the 16th century. It’s full of interesting land and sea creatures that are sure to capture your attention. It was drawn by Paolo Forlani and depicts an idyllic and fantastical world, full of unknown lands to explore and exotic creatures to encounter.

Main things about the map:

  • size is 140 cm x 87 cm (54″‘ x 34″)
  • the map was first drawn in 1565
  • the author is Paolo Forlani
  • features many drawings of imaginary and real creatures
  • high-resolution print
  • quality cotton canvas
  • beautiful chestnut frame
  • fast shipping

A masterpiece of Venetian mapmaking

Paolo Forlani made this map during the best times of Venetian mapmaking. This was a time when several mapmakers were working out of Venice. You can see what the European knowledge of the world was like in the 16th century. Japan sits somewhere in the middle of the Pacific. France, Spain and Great Britain were competing in North America.

They did not explore Canada yet and Forlani’s map doesn’t give us any clues about what lies inside. The mountain ranges are based on guessing and there are very few place names. Similar goes for other parts of the world. The unknown places are often populated with imaginary creatures.

Some animals included in this colourful world map are a camel, an elephant, a lion, and a rhinoceros. The most outlandish creatures are the griffin and the unicorn. These two animals have been associated with various legends throughout history.

Amongst the places that haven’t yet been discovered are also Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica. Instead of Antarctica, there is a large continent named Terra incognita.

Is the map a good fit for your wall?

The map size is 140 cm x 87 cm (54″‘ x 34″), so it is a good size for most walls. We hand-carved the frame from ancient chestnut wood and add bronze nails to it. The frame also has hidden iron hangers.

We print the map in high resolution with a handmade antique finish on durable cotton canvas. The canvas has been accurately and originally distorted on the left and right vertical edges. The colours of the map are beautiful, and it is a great way to add some interest to your home décor.

How to get this colourful world map?

If you are interested in getting a map like that, you can just hit that add-to-cart button. It takes us 8 days to make the map and we will keep you posted along with the making process. Shipping takes about 5 days. Your map will arrive rolled in a sturdy tube. We use DHL to send the maps.

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