Double hemisphere map of the world


Notice the different representation of the world on this double hemisphere map? And detailed hand made roll-up frame?

The Arctic is not as big as it seems on the more usual Mercator projection maps. Made in 1664 it represents the world as they knew it before Cook first sailed down under. The map includes discoveries of Abel Tasman, so we can see part of Australia on it. The size of the map is 123cm by 92cm. Scroll down to find out more.


Hemisphere map representation

This double hemisphere map is unlike most other maps. It is an eye-catcher for its unusual globe like world representation. For the first time in history, someone incorporated the heliocentric representation into a map of the world. If you put this map on the wall, it will be the focus of attention in the room.

The cartographer Joan Blaeu who created the original map also incorporated the newest knowledge available. Notice how part of Australia is missing. New Zealand is on the map though. Joan Blaeu drew California as an island even though on some previous maps they defined it as a peninsula.

Extra features of the map

Hemispheric representation of the world on canvas gives a lot of space on the edges. On the top left and right you can find two cartographers on each side. Allegorical representation of the moon and sun is on the top–you need to use your imagination to see that. At the bottom, there are the 4 seasons being towed on 4 different carts by different animals.

The double hemisphere map is part of the atlas that was the biggest and most expensive set of books published in the 17th century. Check out Wikipedia if you want to know more.

We print all those beautiful features of the map in high resolution so you can observe the details from very close if you wish so.

Ancient roll-up frame

We put great effort to make sure the details on the map are perfect. The pull-down frame is made from centuries-old wood that is additionally died to match the maps vivid colours and protect the wood. We make the edges out of fine dark blue satin and top it up with two bronze hangings to add the final touch to this ancient map.

Add the map to the shopping cart if you want to see it hanging on your wall. We’ll be happy to have a chat with you in case you want to know more about the make, delivery and fitting the map onto the wall. At the bottom of the page, you can find our phone number or send us a message from here.