Elegant world map with historic value vintage world map with American walnut frame


Do you love history and do you also like elegant pieces of art? We are presenting this elegant world map with a lot of historic attributes.

Key features:

  • old map of the world as of 1800
  • historical information about the voyages of some of the explorers
  • size: 165 cm x 110cm (65″ x43″)
  • 150 years old American walnut wooden frame
  • superb colours
  • great accuracy
  • map text is in English
  • great for a history-loving homeowner

World map made in 1800

Introducing our elegant wall art rich in historic information–the vintage world map with the American walnut frame. This vintage world map is from 1800 and is full of rich details. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of history to their room and still wants to maintain the elegance of the home.

An elegant map full of history

This gorgeous map is from the 19th century and is full of intricate details, readable and sharp. The colours are superb, and the accuracy is perfect. The map features circumnavigations, notes from captains’ logbooks, and information about where and when James Cook was killed. It tells the story of the discoveries of Van Diemen’s Land that we call Tasmania nowadays.

The canvas that we used to make the map is thick and strong. In the making process, we distressed the edges of the canvas to give it a genuine historic feel. We craft the frame from handpicked high-quality American walnut that is 150 years old. Its clean lines give the map an elegant look making it suitable for any modern home. All that ensures the map is of superb quality and will last for generations.

The size of the map is 165 cm x 110cm (65″ x43″). If you like the map but think it is not the right size for your wall, just send us a message or call us, and we can customise it for you.

A great addition to your home

It’s a truly unique piece of wall art that would make a stunning addition to any home. If you agree you can purchase this vintage yet elegant world map from here. Just click that add to cart button and the map will be on the way to your wall in a matter of hours. If you want customisation just contact us through this link to discuss any customisation or send us an email at hello@canvaswallmaps.com.au.