Largest world map – one map to rule them all

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How big is this map? It’s huge! The largest world map we have. It is unlikely that you have seen something of this size on canvas before. It spans almost 4 metres in width and easily takes a confident position on a very large wall. If you have a large space like a wine cellar, library, lobby or a lounge room, this map may be the right choice for the wall.
The map was created in early 1800. Pacific ocean is in the middle of the map with Australia and New Zealand taking a more central position than usual on other world maps. It pushes Europe and Africa to the very eastern edge, and also featured them on the western side of the map.


Key features:
  • largest available world map on canvas
  • Size 385 cm x 230cm (151 x 90”)
  • Weight 20 kg (45 lb)
  • Vintage wooden frame
  • Sturdy hand-forged iron frame hangers
  • Rusty steel plaque with an inscription “NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST”
  • Would be suited to larger rooms, commercial spaces, or act as a feature wall for a room for warmth, interest, and a vintage explorer’s vibe

This map is not in stock at the moment. We’ll start work on it as soon as we get the order from you. It takes about 3 weeks to complete it so please contact us before you order. Also, we can help you visualise how the map fits on the wall. If you send us a photo of the room, we can digitally insert the map on the wall.


About the largest world map

This map was published back in 1819 by John Cary, one of the best cartographers and engravers of the 19th century. In 1776 he created a New and Correct English Atlas. This was a breaking point in the cartography world when accuracy became more important than the decorative look of the maps from before. Hence, the map in front of you is very detailed. You can see the country’s borders of the time, rivers, islands. An interesting addition to the map is the tracks of different navigations of the period that are also very precise. Another thing that is quite unique on this map is the repetition of Europe and Africa on each side of the map.

An impressive map

Want to impress your guests or have a meaningful conversations starter? Our largest world map will definitely do the job. Big walls in large spaces are sometimes hard to cover with an appealing one piece of art. Places like a fine restaurant, wine cellar, big sitting room where you would sip on aged whiskey with your friends or an old charm hotel lobby are good spaces to host this giant map on the wall. The detailed frame, warm colour palette and shading of this piece will bring depth to your room and has the ability to bring the surroundings and people together as a focal point.

This largest world map comes in a very high resolution. Therefore, the readability of the places is wonderful.

To top it all up, we have handcrafted a remarkable pull-down frame made of vintage repurposed wood. The wood is over two centuries old. You can find some interesting hand-carved details on the frame too. We made sure that all the metalwork on the mapped is aged to perfection. We are using genuine blacksmith forging techniques to make the metal parts of the frame. On the frame, you can find special features like iron nails, railroad spikes, two hangers, and four shackles. The additional feature on the bottom part of the frame is a metal plaque that quotes the legendary author of many modern fantasy books J. R. R. Tolkien. The inscription says “NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST”.

This is absolutely astonishing piece of wall art and it will certainly draw the attention of your guests. People tend to gravitate towards a map like, since it gives endless inspiration for topics to talk about. In our experience, we often find that discussions about past travels, geography, politics, ancient times, history, whisky types and flavours, and origins of things tend to come up in the presence of a map like this.

Hang it on the wall

If you would like to see this unique map hanging on your wall, we suggest you measure the wall straight away to make sure it fits. You can hit that add to cart button now or send us the measurements and some photos of the wall so we can help you with the positioning. The email is or you can contact us from our contact page.

3 reviews for Largest world map – one map to rule them all

  1. Oskar

    The map was even more impressive in person than in pictures. Very detailed and high quality. Excellent communication throughout the whole purchase and shipping process.

  2. Phillipa

    I could not have asked for better service.
    Canvas Wall Maps answered my endless questions and was very patient because I could not decide on size or colour. They did everything they could to help me.
    The map is a very special piece and I will treasure it forever.
    I highly recommend these guys.
    Thank you for my amazing map

  3. Karmen

    First off.. Blaz is a joy to do business with .. Our adventure started with us finding the map on Etsy.. And conversating with Blaz .. Told him where we wanted to hang the map.. He send us a visual of how it would look … We wanted the map for our hair salon .. The shipping was a breeze .. We got it in maybe 2 days tops.. Even though it was international shipping , there was no hassle .. We have gotten so many conpliments on our amazing map. The map looks even better in person then I
    Could have imagined !!! It’s huge …! Covers our huge wall .. And it has amazing antique wood around it .. Brilliant 1800’s map !! It’s such a rare beautiful piece .. It’s definatley a conversation piece !!! Thank you Blaz . I’m definitely a client for life.. My next purchase will be for my home 🙂

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