Map of Arabian – old map on canvas from 1851


Looking for a piece of history that you can hang on your wall? Look no further than this map of Arabian map from 1851! This beautiful, canvas map is a reproduction of an original map published by John Tallis. This old map is not only a work of art, but it’s also a fascinating snapshot of the Arabian Peninsula over 150 years ago.

Key features of the map:

  • size 100 cm x 71 cm in height (39″ x 27″)
  • features beautiful illustrations
  • very accurate
  • published by John Tallis
  • one of the last pictorial maps
  • features Arabian peninsula
  • map language is English

One of the last pictorial maps

John Tallis was one of the last renowned pictorial map makers. The last decorative world atlas was the Illustrated Atlas from 1851 published by him. This map is part of the atlas. The map spans 100 cm in width and 71 cm in height (39″ x 27″), making it a great size for hanging on an average-sized wall. The details and decorations of the map are immaculate, with the Arabian Peninsula outlined in gold and featuring drawings of Mount Sinai, a camel, and depictions of Arab people. Plus, the ornamental border surrounding the map makes it even more attractive. Our replica of the map of Arabian is made on high-quality cotton canvas, ensuring that it will stand the test of time

A very accurate map of the Arabian Peninsula

This map is not only a great conversation starter, but it’s also a very accurate portrayal of the Arabian Peninsula. If you’re someone who likes history and you are looking for a unique and interesting piece of house decoration with Arabian notes, this map is a perfect choice! The frame is crafted from vintage chestnut wood and is hand-carved with intricate details. The map is also aged to give it a more authentic look.

Make your wall beautiful

To get this beautiful addition to your wall, simply go through the checkout process and as soon as we receive your order, we’ll start working on it. It usually takes us about 10 days to make the map and a few more for the package to arrive. We’ll keep you updated on the progress. If you’d like customisation – a different size or frame, please let us know. Buy now!