Map of Europe as of 1950 – Ready to hang – Beech tree wooden pull-down frame


Do you sometimes look at the map and think how fast things are changing now? Almost every month there is a new country or some kind of border change. This map looks back at Europe in the previous century.

Key features:

  • map size: 108 cm x 73 cm (42″ x 28″)
  • blue is the main colour
  • features countries such as East and West Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia
  • map from 1950
  • elegant frame made from beech wood
  • vibrant colours
  • amazing resolution with very well visible cities, rivers and other features
  • the title of the map is: Superior map of Europe and the near east


Europe as of 1950

This stunning map shows Europe as it was in 1950. After the second war things changed a lot, borders were reshuffled, and Europe was divided. That’s how it stayed for a long period until the 1990s. Many people grew up looking at this map and I’m sure it brings back some memories to a lot of us. It features countries that no longer exist, such as East and West Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia. The map is a must-have for anyone interested in near history.

Elegant frame, blue map

The elegant beech wood frame makes it a great addition to any room in your home. The hinges to hang the map are hidden behind the frame. With its predominantly blue colours, it will fit particularly well in a room that has blue in its colour scheme. You’ll love the intricate details of cities and rivers, and the beautiful colours. The quality cotton canvas ensures that it will last for years to come. The dimensions of this map are 108 cm x 73 cm (42″ x 28″), which is a good size to fit an average wall. If it does not fit and you’d like customisation, you can contact us and we’ll be able to adjust the map for you.

The map is a brilliant piece of decor to have. You’ll have people looking at it and commenting about the way the world used to be. You can also have it to show to your kids or grandkids about how Europe used to be not that long ago.

Customise the size or frame

To get this map on your wall simply add it to the cart. It will be hanging on the wall in no time. In case you want more information or you’d like customisation, you can send us an email give us a call or contact us from this website.