Old map of Australia from the 19th century – fits large wall

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Are you interested in covering a big wall with a historical map that is a great conversation starter? Here is a giant old map of Australia that is sure to impress and spark interest. This is probably the biggest historical map of Australia that you can find on the market!

Here are some features of the map:
  • 270 cm x 190cm (106” x 95”)
  • Historical map of Australia
  • Ornamental wooden frame
  • Additional drawings representing typical Australian flora, fauna, peoples and symbols
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Also, look at the photos to see how the map looks and scroll down to read more about the features of the map.

Historical old map of Australia

What would an old map of Australia look like if you had a time machine and you could go back into the middle of the 19th century?

How old is the map?

They published this map in 1851 and at the time the colony of Victoria was born. NSW was stretching way up north where Queensland and Northern territory nowadays lies. Tasmania was called Van Diemen’s island.

Conversation starter

This wall map is a great conversation starter hanging in your house, an office even in a restaurant or wine cellar. It has surely lead to great discussions about politics, history, geography and travel in ours. It is the land down under like it was in the middle of the 19th century. If you are interested in how the map of Australia has changed through the time you can read more about it on Wikipedia on this link.

The map is full of features. Such as on the edges, you can see drawings of native birds, kangaroos, Sydney harbour and Australian indigenous people.

The width of the map is 270cm and height is 190cm. This equals to about 106inches in width and 95inches in height.

The map looks as if it is almost 200 years old. Furthermore, details on the map are amazing. Edges of the canvas are worn out and we make the frame out of timber with ornaments and two iron hangings so it looks antique and genuine. This old map of Australia will add history to any room.

Hang it on the wall

If you would like to hang a map like that on your wall, simply add it to the cart. We don’t have it in stock at the moment but within 2 weeks we will custom make one just for your wall. In case you have some questions contact us and here, via email or phone. You can find the details at the bottom of the page. We’ll be happy to help you customise the map to fit your wall perfectly.


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    The pictures don’t do it justice! It is incredible!

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