Old map of Canada on canvas from 19th century


We are happy to introduce our old map of Canada on canvas from the 19th century! This beautiful cotton canvas map is a must-have for any Canadian history enthusiast. It shows Canada in 1891 in amazing detail and accuracy and is equipped with an antique wooden header and bottom bar with finials. The hangers are also vintage bronze, adding to the rustic charm of this piece. This is a truly unique and one-of-a-kind map that would make a great addition to your home or office.

Main characteristics:

  • size is 70 cm x 100 cm (27″ x 39″)
  • shows Canada in 1891
  • imperial scale
  • very accurate
  • printed on high-quality cotton canvas

Old map of Canada full of details

The title of the map is “Dominion of Canada”. Canada spans from the Atlantic Provinces to the Prairie Provinces, and from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Ocean. The map shows it all with all Canadian states clearly marked. The frame has an Old-World charm that will add a vintage appeal to any room. It is a dark chocolate brown colour and is hand-carved. It also includes two vintage bronze hangers. The map size is 70 cm x 100 cm (27″ x 39″), making it a great addition to an average-sized wall. The information on the map is marked on an imperial scale. The map also includes a close-up of the Strait of Juan de Fuca including the south part of Vancouver island, so you can get a better look at the area.

Great conversation starter

Having a map like that on your wall is guaranteed to start some interesting conversations with friends. The level of detail and accuracy will fascinate people. We printed the map on a quality cotton canvas. We also put some effort into distressing the edges and with its vintage-looking frame, the old map of Canada adds a vintage focus point to the room that can’t be ignored.

Hang it on your wall

Is your wall empty waiting for a vintage piece of historic decor to be put on? Then order your old map of Canada today and we’ll send it to you via courier. The map is ready to go – all you need to do is put it in the cart and go through the checkout. It can be on your wall within a week. If you are after a different dimension or would like to customise the map in any other way, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.