Old map of UK and Ireland on canvas


This is your chance to own a truly unique and exciting piece of history. The old map of UK and Ireland, published in 1794, is full of fascinating information about the British Isles. Besides the intricate details on the map, there is also a beautiful decorative cartouche and detailed information about counties and shires. This map will please anyone with interest in British history.

Key details about the map:

  • size 95 cm x 105 cm (37″ x 41″)
  • map from the 18th century
  • very detailed map
  • beautiful cartouche in the top right corner
  • frame made from 250 years old reclaimed wood

A map full of details

Anyone who sees the map will notice the details. The detailed cartouche with Britannia seated at the top left corner is a work of art. The whole cartouche shows an abundance of goods scattered around: scythe, barrels, anchor, treasure chests and in the distance a sailing ship and castle. This map is a wonderful example of the prestige and power of the British Empire.

There is also a lot of information packed on the edges of the map. Explanations in tables explaining the shires and counties of Ireland, Scotland and England. You can find three scales of the distance on the bottom left – British Statute Miles, Common Scotch Miles, and Irish Miles. This map is truly a treasure trove of information.

A must-have for anyone interested in British history

This map is a must-have for anyone interested in British history. It is an excellent example of 18th-century cartography and would make a great addition to any room. It will fit particularly well into a narrow wall space because of its portrait orientation. The size of the map is 95 cm x 105 cm (37″ x 41″). We make the frame from reclaimed chestnut wood that is 250 years old. It is old and full of perfect imperfections. We also distort the edges of the canvas, to age it and make the whole product look like it really comes from the 18th century. We make all of our maps from high-quality canvas, ensuring the maps will last for generations. If you are looking for a unique and interesting piece of history, this map is definitely for you.

Getting the old map of UK and Ireland can not be easier

If you like what you see, you can just hit the add-to-cart button above. The map is not in stock, so we will make it to order. It takes us about 10 days to craft it and another 5 days for the courier to deliver the package. The shipping is free, so all you pay is the price that is stated above. If you’d like to customise the map, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.