Pirate wall map – map of modern world with skull decoration


Avast, me hearties! This be the Pirate wall map – map for ye scurvy dogs – the ultimate guide to the modern world for pirates like ye. Arrrgh, it be a grand map indeed with all the seven seas laid before ye. But what sets this map apart from all others is that it be decorated with cast bronze skulls on the roll-up frame. Aye, that’s right – ye can have yer very own map of the world that looks like piracy has touched it itself.

Main features:

  • size 145 cm x 95 cm (57″x37″)
  • cast bronze skulls on the bottom frame
  • wooden frame
  • pirate aged look
  • printed on quality cotton canvas

Cast bronze skulls

The map comes with amazing cast bronze skull finials on the bottom. These are fine examples of bronze work, made in an old foundry near our studio where we make our maps. The size of the map is 145 cm x 95 cm (57″x37″), which makes it perfectly readable. We use quality cotton canvas to make our maps and to add a truly antique and pirate feel we put some work into ageing the map. We made the frame from hand-carved, antique chestnut wooden bars. Map also includes two detailed inset maps of the North and South poles.

Plan your next adventure

This vintage-style map is perfect for planning your next plundering pirate adventure or simply hanging on your wall and making your mates jealous. So whether you are a seasoned pirate or a young scallyw, the map will help you find your way around the world like never before. You can use it as a push pin map to mark where your treasures are or simply enjoy the amazing pirate artwork. Either way, this map is sure to be a talking point in any room.

Get yer hands on a copy of the Pirate wall map today

So what are you waiting for? Get yer hands on a copy of the Pirate wall map today! If ye be needin’ any customisation, give us a shout. We be more than happy to help ye out. ‘Til then, may the wind be at yer back and the sun in yer face. Arrrgh!