Wall map of the world – big map with ancient frame

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If you are looking for a huge wall map of the world to match a your feature wall, you came to the right place. This is a giant map, measuring 233cm in width and 147cm in height. We printed it on best-quality cotton canvas in high resolution. It is a current map of the world that has a genuine vintage feel.


Some features of the map:
  • 233 cm x 147 cm (92″ x 58″)
  • Modern wall map of the world
  • Historical roll-up wooden frame
  • Title in 7 languages – primary language is English
If you have more questions, please get in touch here or via email or phone that you can find at the bottom of the page.
Also, take a look at the photos to see all the details and scroll down to read more about the map.


About the wall map

Are you looking for a beautiful wall map of the world with all the current places marked?
Australians have one of the biggest houses in the world. Chances are you have a giant wall that you want to beautify with a nice map. It’s important to find a right-sized map that is proportionate to your wall. This way you will be able to achieve the right balance and atmosphere.

This is a very big map

The map you are viewing right now is one of the biggest we offer without having to make a custom order. It is 233 cm wide and 147 cm high. For our American friends (who on average live in even bigger houses than us down under) that is about 92″ wide and 58″ high.

High quality ancient but modern wall map

We print our maps on the highest quality canvas in high resolution.
The sight of the wall where the map hangs is majestic from the distance, where is from one step away you can observe all the amazing details of the map frame, read the names of the cities and push pins into the places you have visited.
The colour of the map on the photos may differ from screen to screen. In-person the map has the ancient-sepia feel, where you can easily read all the places marked on the map.
Not just that the feeling of the map is ancient we make the frame of the map out of wood that is sometimes over 200 years old. We reuse old furniture to give it new life and tell a new story in the form of a wall map frame.
Don’t let that confuse you, this is a modern world map, you can find all the current places from the current year marked on the map. It is just that we crafted the map in a way that it gives a vintage feeling. It makes a great fit for a place that wants to impress with the feeling of tradition but yet it is still modern.

Let’s order

If having one of those maps interests you just add it to the card and it will hang on your wall within a week. In case you have some questions contact us and here, via email or phone. You can find the details at the bottom of the page. We’ll be happy to help you customise the map to fit your wall perfectly.
The map is ready to be sent to you and put on display!

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  1. Myles

    What a great 6 year anniversary gift!! My wife loved it so much! Instead of using push pins we decided to use natural earth magnets for flags. Since we didn’t want to pin it!! Can’t wait to start tracking all our glorious vacations on this piece of art!

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